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Image by Souvik Banerjee


A terrifying but illuminating script about a horrific disease.

Viewer Feedback:

'I am an OGBB veterinarian in the US. I'm going to have my staff watch this video, as it is so well-done.'

'A lot of great information. Highly detailed and thorough, including fundamentally important things that could influence future policy makers, and will directly and certainly save more than one life.'

Rabies 2.png

Viewer Feedback:

'Thank you for this video, and for the manner and method you delivered it. This hit home to me. My father passed away due to a Prion disease a bit more than a decade ago. It took me several days to work up the gumption to watch this, much less comment, as I hope are self-evident reasons. And I was relieved, though unsurprised, that you handled it to the usual respectful, intelligent, and brilliant standards I've come to expect of this channel. Anyway, just wanted to say a thank you for doing this, and to your writers and staff for treating it well. My father, as a scientist, would have applauded your efforts, too.'


A script that took a tremendous amount of research and fact-checking, I loved it!

Viewer Feedback:

'Great video! I vote for ancient Pokeballs.'

Roman Gadget.png

A mildly terrifying script, combining history, medicine, and humour. 

Viewer Feedback:

'Today, I subscribed.'

'Excellent documentary! I'm finding this channel fascinating.'


An exploration into the many failures that led to the avoidable tragedies in the aftermath of Katrina.

Viewer Feedback:

'I'm also a Katrina survivor, and I was ready to rip this video apart, like so many others, but BRAVO!'

Hurricane Katrina.png

A YouTube script exploring the life and home of Pablo Escobar and his cocaine hippos. History made engaging.

Viewer Feedback:

'This one made me laugh a lot even though I know that was not the original intention.'

Hacienda Napoles.png

A terrifying exploration of Encephalitis Lethargica written for a client's 'edutainment' channel.

Client Feedback:
'Just continuing my read through, and this is so fascinating. You’ve really captured the horror of this well. Gave me chills! Love it!'

Sleeping SIckness.png

A listicle-style script that delves a bit deeper than the usual. Plenty of little-known facts and a fair amount of humour. 

Viewer Feedback:

'Usually, there's two to four things in your different videos that just grab me. But, this video is utterly amazing. Every moment was like a sip of warm tea. Wonderful and filling. This, is now officially, my favorite video you've ever done. And you've done many, and many more videos.'


A listicle-style YouTube script, looking deep into the history of some incredible locations. 

Viewer Feedback:

'This is the best video I watched today! subbed and liked! you are wonderful.'

Abandoned Cities.png

An eye-opening script that exposes the fragility of our health. Written for a client's 'Edutainment' YouTube channel, I loved delving into medical journals and discovering old documentaries to uncover the mysteries of this frightening disease.

Viewer Feedback:

'Ah yes, barely a minute and a half in, and the chills are already running down my spine.'


A fascinating and dark script exposing a tragedy whose victims shouldn't be forgotten. 

Viewer Feedback:

'That was just excellent work.'

'I hope Simon and his writers and Editors all realize how much we appreciate their die hard dedication to teaching obscure/lesser known and interesting history and technology.'

Colonia Dignidad.png

A chilling script, written for a client's 'Edutainment' YouTube channel. This one will have you thanking your lucky stars for modern medicine. 

Viewer Feedback:

'Only a minute and a half in and I'm physically cringing and writhing on the couch. Damn, this is a good channel.'


Smart Bombs

A technology 'edutainment' script that delves into the development of smart bombs in an accessible way.

Viewer Feedback:

'Really liked this one. Not too difficult technology talk, moved along with good story and of course fantastic announcing...Well Done!

Smart Bombs.png

Click to download and view as a  Word document, My background in education means I'm comfortable conducting in-depth research including journal articles, books and videos. I love seeking out new facts and points of interest and enjoy bringing them all together in an engaging and humorous way.

Image by Nathan Dumlao

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